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Maritime Horizons

Maritime Horizons is a marina development company specialising in projects that bring value to local communities. We work with various local, national and international funding organisations as well as private sector individuals to deliver high quality marina berthing on underused and underdeveloped coastal waterways around the UK.

It is well known that marinas can create exciting environments that attract a significant number of visitors. The positive effects on tourism and local business can be substantial. In addition, jobs are created and areas rejuvenated.

A key thread that runs through all our work is our desire to integrate as seamlessly as possible with the local environment. At the forefront of all our developments is the strictest consideration of environmental impact. This is achieved through full consultation with local agencies and the implementaion of Environmental Impact Studies where necessary.

Maritime Horizons is also the parent company for three subsidiary businesses offering the following services:

  • Yacht andĀ MotorboatĀ purchase advice and marine concierge services through Boat Companion

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