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Purchasing a boat can be stressful, costly and fraught with problems. It does not necessarily have to be like that and should be a fun and exciting process. Boat Companion is available to act as an independent agent to assist with the purchase of leisure vessels. 

Boat Companion is not a boat broker and is not associated with any brokerage. Instead, it acts as an independent agency operating on behalf of the buyer. This is an important point to note, as it ensures that the service is fully focused on protecting the interests of the purchaser, whereas broker fees are paid by the person or company selling the boat. It also allows access to all boat stock currently for sale across the UK (or internationally), whether it be through importers, brokers, private sellers, online databases or direct from manufacturers. 

Boat Companion can get involved right from the moment that the decision is made to get on the water before the type of boat has even been chosen or at a later stage when the type of boat required has been identified. Advice can be provided for any size of power or sail boat and any budget. Boats can be sourced from or for any location in England and Wales for our standard rates. Work further afield, including International will be negotiated on an individual basis.

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It may be that you are new to the water (we all were at one point), or an experienced seaman who does not have the time to search the multitude of brokers and private ads for the best the market has to offer. Viewing boats can also be time consuming and disappointing with many boats aesthetically inferior to the impression given by online adverts. Equipment may be damaged, outdated or of a low quality. Boat companion will visit boats on the client’s behalf to ensure customers time is only spent viewing boats that meet client specification.

Give Boat Companion a call and we will help take the mystery out of the process. Initial telephone consultations are free and fees are based on a small percentage of the craft purchase price or a negotiable fixed or time basis fee. Fees are often recouped and further savings achieved through an effective and robust negotiation of price, both pre and post survey.

Some issues to consider when purchasing a boat for which assistance can be provided are as follows:

  • Sail or power- a fundamental question, but one that needs to be addressed from the start

  • Type and size of vessel- what is right for you?

  • The EBay question!
  • Private sale or broker sale?

  • Boat specification

  • Safety equipment

  • New or second hand?

  • Purchase, maintenance and storage costs

  • Survey and inspection (outsourced to qualified surveyor)

  • Price negotiation (pre and post survey)

  • Berthing options and finding a berth  (marina, swinging, pile, dry stack, trailor) 

  • The importance of Insurance

  • Boat transportation (by road or sea)

  • Legal issues- VAT, outstanding debt and legal ownership

  • Making vessel available for chartering- MCA coding

  • Shared ownership schemes 

  • Recommended qualifications and sensible experience

  • Training schools 

  • Sailing area and appropriate type of boat

  • Clubs and organisations

  • Recommissioning, and renovation

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Charter or purchase- is now the right time for you to buy?

For a friendly, honest service fully focussed on the needs and requirements of the purchaser, call the leader of Boat Companion, Nathan Hewitt on 07964957548 or email

Boat Companion can also organise visits to multiple marinas via the water to allow  customers to make a informed decision on where to berth their vessle. This service is provided through Power Charter and provides an exciting day out as well as allowing for an informed decision when chiosing a home for your new asset. This service is especially valuable for the Solent, where multiple marinas can exist within a radius of a few miles. 

To read more about Nathan's background and experience, visit his company's website at

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Boat Companion is a trading name of Maritime Horizons Ltd.

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