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Boat Companion is committed to opening up the boat buying market to all, including those with no knowledge of the marine leisure industry. In order to help our customers understand the process, we are producing a series of informative videos setting out the basics of boat buying from choosing the right boat through to kitting the boat out and taking to the water for the first time. The 10 to 20 minute modules will assume limited to no understanding of boats and will set out the process in simple to understand terms. You can view the videos on You Tube here. The series of videos and release dates are set out below: 

Remember to register to the You Tube channel NATHANHEWITT2006 or bookmark the You Tube landing page so that you can return next week to view the next video. To return to Boat Comaonion home page, click here.

Links to videos as they are produced can be found in the following table:

Topic Release Date Link (Click)
Introduction to Buying a BoatFriday 23rd July

Part 1- Introduction

Part 2- Case Studies

Choosing the Right BoatFriday 30th July

Part 1- Sailing Yachts

Part 2- Powerboats

The Buying ProcessFriday 6th AugustClick Here
The Vital SurveyFriday 13th AugustClick Here
Recommended Training and ExperienceFriday 20th AugustClick Here
Essential Safety EquipmentFriday 27th AugustClick Here
Choosing a berthFriday 3rd SeptemeberClick Here

 Shared Ownership Schemes                 Friday 10th SeptemberClick Here                 
 The EBay question?Friday 17th SeptemberClick Here


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